Thursday, November 7, 2013

WOYWW 231: The King

It's 'What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday' time which gives me a good excuse to blog again.  But hey, where's my desk?

I am sitting cross-legged on my new thick carpet, in front of a makeshift desk made from an Ikea Poang Footstool.  Never thought it would serve this purpose.  You'll see in the background my actual desk but hey, I'm quite happy sitting here.

And here's the card I made:

Not so bad, considering I left all my craft stash in Malta when I came to the UK and now have to make do with what I have (or rather not have).  Imagine, I don't even have a paper trimmer here yet.  Oh man, was it a challenge to cut that background paper with just a ruler, a mat and scissors?  No stamps or distress inks at all, nothing baby, nada.  Back to basics.  Hence, my new found love for decoupage sheets and stickers, they're certainly a godsend for crafters still building their stash.

I'm lucky, I know, to be able to indulge in a hobby when people out there are just struggling to heat or even keep their homes.  It's sad. Hence, let's remember that for some of us, our hobbies become our refuge from whatever life throws at us.  

I haven't done this in a very long while but keep visiting, I'll be putting some stuff up for grabs in the coming weeks.


Nikki C said...

Your card turned out wonderful for having such limited stash my fave tool was an exacto blade & ruler for the longest time. I've only had a trimmer for about a year it's wonderful but when I'm trying to be queit I use my exacto :) hugs Nikki 33

Alison Wade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. Such a sweet card, and well done for getting it made whilst sitting on the floor with minimum crafting tools/stash. I have recently gone back to doing some simple print off and cut out decoupage, and it is really satisfying. Crafting does not need to be complicated. Ali x #55

Robin Spitzer said...

Wow! WOW! Hope you are just visiting and get to go back to your craft stash! I love what you said....our hobbies become our refuge from whatever life throws at us....

I have to remember that line! Just love's so true, at least it is with me.

Have a wonderful week! Wish I could upload you some supplies!

Hugs, Robin 99

Julia Dunnit said...

Bet you miss your stash Asa much as you miss Malta! you're doing a great job with what you've got, for sure.