Sunday, November 3, 2013

ICHF Hobbycrafts Glasgow 2013.

How could I stay away from a crafty fair?  Last week, I spent an afternoon on a crafty shopping spree, not to say that a nasty elf didn't appear every time my Visa went swish swoosh.  In fact, I just couldn't shake this horrible elf off my shoulder, sitting there, counting pounds and pennies on the tip of his fingers.  I managed to nudge him off a couple of times as you'll see from the pic below but, mice, was he insistent all the way home?  Probably that's why I just couldn't blog about my trip right away.  He's gone now and while he's gone, I'm sweeping the net for new stash.  But first,  my fab new stuff:

Crafter's Workshop Stencils.  Bought for £1.50 or less 
in a bin sale.

Every Craft's a Pound: 12 items at £10.
 I got the tape, magnet sheet, flowers, tape, 

stamp etc.  The Ranger blending foam was 
from a different merchant.

Some more stuff.  New heat mat for dad and some bottle 
caps to tinker with.  Apparantly bottle cap art was 
the craze for some time but I seem to have missed it.
  Having a go at it now.  In the top right hand corner 

you can see the no shims mat. 
At £12.99, I hope it's worth it.  Will be testing this too.
It's supposed to keep your sizzix clear plates nice and clean.  

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