Thursday, September 2, 2010


I won't keep you guessing much longer. I've been working on creating a Stamp Catalogue of all the stamps and sets I own. Mice, mice, mice - a uber duber messy task not to mention tiring as I have to stamp and clean each and every stamp I own, some of which I haven't even used once on a card.

Between you and me, this exercises helped me realize how much money I've been spending lately. I hope my hubby doesn't read this, lol.

These are some pages from my catalogue. It's not all finished as yet but I hope to get there soon.

As you can see, I used a display file to keep my pages in. Hopefully, this will protect the pages from wear and tear. If my collection increases (and I hope it will) I can always swap this display file with a thicker one.


Carmen said...

Aha! I see a few Forever Friends ones that my dd has there - she loves those too. Good idea - I may suggust it to her :)

Merry said...

What a clever idea. Not that I have many stamps but to have the images all in the one spot rather than trying to remember what you have is great. Thanks for sharing.

Morti said...

Hah! This was something I had intended to do until I had a quick tot up of approximately how many stamps I have and realised it was someone in the high hundreds..... catalogue never even got started! Maybe I should though?