Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Hols and Ink, ink , ink

I'm back after 3 long weeks of fun, work and British landscape. Yes, British landscape - the most picturesque ever in Oxford. In my posts this year I did hint at other creative outlets I was exploring, haven't I. I've been focusing my creative energy on writing. And finally, now, that it has happened, I can share some pictures with you.

Here I am with some of my buddies at Exeter College in Oxford spending three weeks writing, writing, writing. Well, not in this picture maybe, us girls needed a break from all that ink flowing. This photo was taken during lunch time, on the steps leading to the dining hall.

Just a glimpse of the beautiful scenery at Blenheim Palace:

And of course an iconic image of Oxford - punts. And yes, I did punt but have no pictures unfortunately!

And look what I bumped into as soon as I came out of the college one day. A film shoot just right outside Exeter:

Ok, I have no idea who this guy is, so if you know, please enlighten me. There was a big fuss around him, I'm telling you.

On a lighter note, here is a picture of the very first mushroom I've ever seen. No, I know what you're thinking. Of course I buy mushrooms in a supermarket. But this? A mushroom in the wild? No, this is my first.

And finally this busker; he just stole my heart. His voice rang through my soul, I'm telling you. He was my inspiration for a piece I wrote back there and if any of my Exeter companions are reading this, he is the guy who set my imagination whirling.

That's practically it, not mentioning castles, cities, shopping sprees (both for craft stash and clothes), Sunday roasts, Pimms and pear ciders. Yes, it was a fantastic experience and British ladies (and guys) - forget the weather and enjoy the lush greenery that your country offers. I wish we had that here. But you can't have the best of both worlds, can you? Sea or green. I'm still contemplating. I hope to reach a decision in the near future. I'll leave you with a picture of my Ginger, enjoying some shade at the beach - a stark contrast to the chilly evenings in the UK.


Natasha said...

Hiya, I just stumbled across your blog today!

I live in the UK - Oxford is lovely, isn't it? I'm 24, lived here in London all my life, so Oxford's not very far away, and I STILL only visited it in June this year!

That guy you were wondering about is called 'Laurence Fox' - he is in the TV series 'Lewis' on ITV, among other things -


He's also been in quite a few period dramas/features (he was in the film 'Becoming Jane'). I think 'Lewis' is set in Oxford, which is probably why he was filming there at the time!

You make some lovely cards - it's a really cute blog!

Hope I've been some help!

Tasha x

Gail said...


Hope you are having a great weekend.You have some lovely cards on your blog ,my fave has to be Two peas in a Pod ,that is so cute.

I've been to Malta a couple of times and have some very fond memories .
Tasha is correct the actor is filming for 'Lewis' which was a spin off from 'Morse' .The programme also stars Kevin Whatley who appeared in Auf Widersein Pet.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.