Thursday, May 8, 2008

Production, production, production

I haven't been such a good blogger lately and the above picture shows why! I have been making "some" commissioned cards for my work colleagues! Today I thought I'd give some tips on mass producing cards. Here it goes:

  1. Do not use complicated and time consuming designs! Try and keep them as simple as possible. Simple cards can still be eye catching.
  2. Do not make one card at a time. Make a sample one and then make parts of it en masse. For example for the Heartfelt Card I first made a number of circles needed, then the hearts, then the die cut flowers and so on.
  3. Money saving tip: Try to make your own toppers using things such as stamps, inks and pencils. With these items you can make toppers in quantity.
  4. Time saving tip: Making toppers can be time consuming so if you prefer to create more cards in a shorter period ready made toppers are the solution.
  5. If you do sign the cards on the back, do it before you start embellishing the card.
  6. Attach everything only when you have all the parts of the cards ready.
  7. Finally, enjoy it. If people commission your cards, it means your work is appreciated!
Do you have any tips you would like to share? Leave a comment on this post!

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