Friday, May 2, 2008

My Stamp Collection

How often did it happen to you that you start browsing through your materials and find that long forgotten stamp or inkpad?! Well, today it happened to me.

The postman brought me a lovely present today (actually two) rather than the usual bills. The long awaited stamp pads and Penny black stamps have arrived and I can not wait to try them.

While I was browsing through my stash, trying to find a place where I could store my inkpads, I came across some long forgotten stash. Well, lets start from the beginning -

This is the first inkpad I ever bought - a normal black office inkpad - not that sophisticated but it worked:

These are the ink pads I had in my stash (some of them never used):

This is my stamp collection up till now:

This is what the postman brought me today:

Well, I will be stamping away happily all weekend I guess, so forgive me if I do not blog very soon!

Do you wanna share what you have stored away? Leave a comment and some pics on your blog, i will visit it this week.

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